What can our Drink

Dispensers do for you?

Jetpacks’ drink backpacks help you get your brand seen while driving sales at every kind of event.

Boost Sales

A fantastic way to grab attention and generate additional revenue at events or locations

Fully Customisable

Include your company branding & messaging on all our mobile drink dispensers.

Boost Promotions

A great way to minimise queues and get more people tasting your new product.


The Jetpack is rigid, sturdy, lightweight and fantastically insulated.

Our Backpacks

The JETPACK products are backpack drinks dispensers, designed to dispense cans or bottles, and hot or cold drinks, carbonated or still. Now you don’t have to wait for people to come to you … Avoid the queues and simply use JETPACKS to get your products out to your customers. We’ve been selling successfully for over 20 years to over 60 countries.

The Shotpack & Flashpack

£ £65.00 | £145.00

To Rent (Per Day, UK) | To Purchase (Worldwide)

The Shotpack is a 5 litre compact backpack, designed to carry non-carbonated cold drinks in crowded places such as clubs or bars. It is small, light, insulated and easy to carry. The Flashpack, a high-visibility version of the Shotpack, is perfect for standing out in darker venues

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The JetpackMost Popular

£ £160.00 | £597.00

To Rent (Per Day, UK) | To Purchase (Worldwide)

This has recently been redesigned and now serves everything – hot, cold, carbonated or still drinks, bottles or cans, etc. The Jetpack is a pressurised highly-insulated backpack with a 11.3 litre tank and its amazing insulation can keep its (hot or cold) temperature for up to three hours. The special inserts allows you to store up to 30 bottles or cans. A cup dispenser is attached to the side of the Jetpack and this can hold a variety of different sized cups.

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Usherette Trays

£ From £66.00

To Purchase (Worldwide)

We offer a wide selection of Usherette Trays with an adjustable harness for maximum comfort.  Another great way of making your product stand out in a crowd. Our Usherette Trays are lightweight and made to a very high standard.

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