BACKPACK DRINK DISPENSERS – Fun Products With Serious Capabilities

 Jetpacks’ drink backpacks help you get your brand seen while driving sales at every kind of event. Established in 1997, our backpack drink dispensers can be used for hot or cold, carbonated or still products.

The Jetpacks range of backpack drink dispensers is perfect for reaching customers in crowds at indoor or outdoor events, such as festivals, concerts, stadiums, exhibitions and much more. As the premium supplier of backpack drinks dispensers, Jetpacks offer a full range of drinks dispensers such as beer backpacks available to hire or buy. Committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, call the team today to find the best backpack drinks dispensers for you.

backpack Drink Dispensers

Volvic Shot Pack

Lipton Tea backpack drink dispenser

Lipton Tea In Trinidad

Jetpacks Cocktail Drinks Dispenser

Jetpacks Cocktail Drinks Dispenser

Increase Your Revenue

By using drink backpacks, you can easily increase revenue and profits at your events and locations.  Each Jetpack backpack drinks dispenser can be used in stores, stadiums, arenas, theatres, festivals, food courts, bars, exhibitions and many more venues.

Improve Customer Experience

Meet the expectations of your consumers and provide the ultimate drinking experience. Our backpack drinks dispensing solutions will attract and retain your customers at your events. Use Jetpacks drink dispensers at your event to minimise queuing times.

Build Your Brand

Stand out from the crowd and promote your company image using Jetpacks portable drinks dispensers, an innovative personal service direct to your customers.  The Jetpacks drinks dispensers can be branded with your company image and logo for maximum impact.

Accelerate Your Sales

Jetpacks drink backpacks are the perfect thirst solution – ideal for reaching customers in crowds at indoor or outdoor events. They are successfully used for the promotion and sampling of new products and to maximise product sales.