Shotpack & Flashpack

Uses – Spirits, Wine, Cocktails, Mineral Water, Sauces, Juices & More!

What can the Shotpack/Flashpack do for you?

You use the Shotpack or its glitzy brother the Flashpack and you increase your sales, it’s that simple. It is ideal for serving cold drinks, especially in smaller measures and in tighter, more crowded places like bars or clubs. Simply take the drink to the customers and you generate more sales.

Promotions and sampling have never been so easy. Trial new drinks (or other liquids) and offer samples to potential customers wherever they are. You put more of your product in their hands by bringing it to people.

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What’s the difference between the Shotpack and the Flashpack?

The answer is that there is nothing operationally different. The Flashpack is simply a Shotpack with some very eye-catching high visibility reflective strips and shoulder straps containing red flashing LED lights. These are powered by small easily-replaced batteries. It may seem a minor change but the effect in low-light environments – a dark club or bar for example – is astonishing. It is a real “attention-grabber”. You can see a Flashpack from miles away. (OK not miles but you know what we mean).

Fully Adjustable

Engage Customers

Fully Customisable


Price Rates – Available to Buy Worldwide or Hire Across the UK

Rent (UK Only) From £65.00 per day | £130.00 per week
To Buy (Worldwide) From £174.00

The Shotpack Specification

  • Extremely lightweight insulated backpack
  • Flexible hose and convenient trigger assembly
  • Go-anywhere size and shape
  • Food grade plastic 5-litre internal removable container
  • Has clips on shoulder straps for optional forward-facing serving pouch
  • The Flashpack is – well, it’s just Flashy. But it really does work
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The Shotpack and Flashpack each have a 5 litre plastic beverage tank and are therefore suitable for cold beverages. They are gravity-fed and perfect for shots, cocktails, wine, vodka, spirits, etc. Being non-pressurised they are best suited to non-carbonated drinks. It is perfectly possible to serve carbonated drinks as long as they are sold or sampled quickly before the product goes flat. As well as increasing sales it is effective for promotional samples.

It can also be effectively used with other Jetpack products. Use it for example to serve spirits whilst the Jetpack carries the mixers.

Jetpacks drinks dispensers are available to buy for delivery worldwide or to rent anywhere in the UK. Each drinks dispenser can be supplied to your unique requirements with your company’s branding in order to maximise your visibility.


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