Prosecco Dispenser – Rent Or Buy Today

Jetpacks are the leading UK supplier of portable drinks dispensers and backpacks – if you are looking for a Prosecco dispenser for your event please have a look at what we offer.

Our dispensers can be bought globally and also hired with the UK – in both cases they are fully customisable, you can easily add your own branding or even have dispensers with special designs.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01625 262148 or drop us a message by following this link.

Why Use a Portable Prosecco Dispenser?

Drinks dispensers serving beer or coffee are common, Prosecco a little less so and yet this is a perfect use for the backpacks.

Our Jetpacks keep the drink at a constant temperature and the Prosecco retains all of its distinctive sparkle. The quality of the drink is untouched, a few people might have initial doubts about having a drink dispensed, but they are quickly won over with a small sample! Soon after, everyone in their group will have a Prosecco glass in hand.portable drink dispenser suitable for Prosecco

We find there are so many events where Prosecco drinks dispensers can be perfect. Any event where there are patrons who would drink Prosecco is perfect, especially when they would drink if only they could be bothered walking all the way to the bar (and then queuing)… Bringing the drink to them makes it any easy decision.

“Would you like a glass of Prosecco?”

“Yes please, that sounds great.”

The amount of profit on each drink you sell means the dispensers easily pay for themselves, though at times profit might not be a consideration. A mobile proscco dispenser or two could bring an additional wow factor to a wedding, the drink circulating along with the finger food.

Why Consider JetPacks?

At Jetpacks, all our prices are available online so it is easy to start working out how many you might want and how it will work out financially. You can see our prices by following this link.

Our products are true market leaders. The Jetpack has a 9 litre capacity – be wary of any companies offering larger capacities as they can become uncomfortable for the operative to use.

The pack keeps the drink at a constant temperature for three hours (that should be more than long enough to sell 9 litres of Prosecco!). They come with a portable cup dispenser that is capable of holding all manner of cup sizes – the dispensers work as well for Prosseco as they do beer as they do coffee as they do Pimms.

Ensuring operative comfort, they can be operated right or left handed and come fully padded and with adjustable straps.

If you want to add marketing or branding you can – maybe related to the event, or the drink being served or even allowing a sponsor to advertise on the drink dispenser. If a sponsor is willing to pay a small amount it could cover the cost of the dispenser.

The branding or marketing material is inserted into a transparent flap at the front of the dispenser.

Those buying can even work with us to develop something truly unique – to get inspiration why not head to our online gallery.

A range of options

A portable Prosecco backpack is a wonderful addition to an event, but it can also be used as part of your drink offer.

One popular use of dispensers is to have a range of drinks on offer – perhaps Prosecco, beer and coffee.

Alternatively, a can pack can be a great addition as this brings great versatility all in one unit. You could couple a Prosecco dispenser with a CanPack full of lemonade, Coke, beer and even fruit shoots. All children love fruit shoots!

We also have shot packs, a serving pouch and even a trike – the trike can carry a huge range of drinks and snacks making them perfect for bigger events.

You can see our full range here and also prices are available via this link.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01625 262148 or drop us a message by following this link.