You’ve searched for portable drink dispensers so we are going to go out on limb and assume you want some information.

We’re here to help, so grab yourself a coffee, tea or, beer or soft drink (any of which could be dispensed via a mobile drinks dispenser) and spend the next five minutes finding out a bit more.

First, though, a little disclaimer. At Jetpacks, portable drinks dispensers are what we do, whether that is selling globally or renting within the UK. We will keep a lot of the information general, but if you do have specific requirements you want to discuss, please do give us a call on 01625 262148.

Portable Drinks Dispensers For All Occasions

Any occasion when people want drinks is perfect for a drinks dispenser. This could be a summer fair, with soft drinks and chilled beer, or perhaps at a winter concert with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and mulled wine.

We went to a school fair recently with a superb turnout, probably around 2,000 adults and children across the course of the day.portable drink dispenser

Refreshments were only available at one stall and all that was on offer were cans and fruit shoots, all going warm in the summer sun (well, there was also a bottle tombola where we won a nice bottle of white!)

Mobile drinks dispensers would have been perfect – they could have used can dispensers, the operators walking around and being a visible presence, allowing people to buy chilled drinks from whichever activity they were at, rather than having to traipse back to the only stall.

They could also have used a drinks dispenser for coffee – it was the summer, but parents still love their hot drinks, or perhaps had nice cool lagers, or even shandy on portable tap.

There is obviously a cost to hiring or buying these backpacks, but that should be more than compensated for by the extra drink sales. Of course, buying the dispensers means that there is infinite re-use and so drinks can be offered at every future function.

We could go on and list endless events where drinks dispensers have been of value, but you’d no doubt rather we didn’t. Suffice it to say, the portable beverage dispensers are a benefit to pretty much any event.

A Range of Dispensers

The backpacks are not just one product, there are now different options to choose between – and they can, of course, be used in combination.

There is the portable backpack for dispensing liquid, pouring coffee or beer into a cup for instance.

There is also a product designed for smaller measures, shots of Vodka or other spirits being a common usage.

Then there is the can dispenser, there’s also a serving pouch which can carry the small, individual milk cartons, hot snacks, fruit or pretty much anything else.

Finally, and new to Jetpacks, there is the trike, as you’d expect this can carry a full range of drinks and products.

You can see all of our products and how they compare simply by heading this way.

Make the packs your own

Whether you rent or buy a backpack, you can customise it with branding of your choosing.

This branding could be the drink being dispensed, or it could be a sponsor (for example, at your event would a local business sponsor the backpack in return for paying for it?).

The branding is achieved by inserting printed material into the transparent pouch built into the portable dispenser.

If you are buying a product – and at Jetpacks we distribute globally – then truly bespoke packs can be made. To see examples of what we have made for others, please head over to our gallery.

Further information.

On this site, we have a wealth of information and, as the UK’s leading manufacturer and distributor of mobile drink backpacks we can also answer any other queries you may have.

On our FAQs page – which you can find here – we answer questions such as the size of the packs and how they are designed to be comfortable for the operators (as an aside, be wary of anyone offering larger backpacks, we used to make an 11kg version but stopped it due to feedback that some operators found it too heavy to use for long periods. We take the comfort of those wearing the packs very seriously)

Anyway, we digress, we wish you every success with the events you have planned and if you are looking for portable drinks dispensers please do get in touch on 01625 262148.