If you are looking for a lemonade beverage dispenser have you considered a drinks backpack, a portable device that can increase sales and also make any event more enjoyable for the patrons.

At Jetpacks, we are a leading supplier of drinks backpacks, including a drink dispenser that can be used for lemonade and also a can pack which can hold a wide range of different drinks. Our products can be bought or hired within the UK, while global shipping for sale is also available.

It is also easy to customise with your own marketing material, this inserted into the clear pouch built into the Jetpacks, while customised packs are also available for sale – we can work with you to come up with a design that is perfect for your needs.

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Benefits of Lemonade Drink Dispensers

Portable, backpack style drinks dispensers have a wide range of advantages for any event.

For the patrons, they make the process of getting a drink far simpler. We were reminded of this at a recent school function, a great occasion but one where getting a drink meant queuing at a bar area where there was one person serving. The typical wait was around five minutes, this no doubt enough to put many off bothering to get another drink.lemonade beverage dispenser

How much easier would it have been if there were a couple of people circulating, asking if you wanted a drink and then having the ability to serve you right there. The choice changes from ‘do I really want to go and queue for a drink’ – whether that is lemonade, beer or coffee – to ‘someone right by me can serve me a drink this second. Yes, I think I will have one, thanks’.

The backpacks make everything convenient for those in attendance. 

A good option can be to have a couple of different drinks on offer or to also have a can pack, which can have a range of cans, bottles (such as Fruit Shoots) and also snacks.

For the organisers, the backpacks can lead to greatly increased drink sales for the reasons mentioned above – buying a drink becomes an easy decision rather than a hassle.

A further benefit is that the convenience helps go towards creating a positive impression. We have all been to events where the overall set-up has been good, but one little niggle has left a bit of a sour taste, whether that is the queue for drinks, the parking or some other minor gripe. The benefit here is a tad intangible, but that positive feeling leads to word of mouth recommendations and also repeat attendance. 

For a local business – Because the Jetpacks are customisable, you can choose what goes into the transparent pouch area.

It could be an image and wording to show the drink on offer, it could be branding associated with the event or it could include details of a local business who, in return for paying for the hire or towards the purchase, get an advert that will circulate the room.

Further Information About Drinks Backpacks

On this site, there is a wealth of information about our products.

You can see a full price list, we are always upfront and open with our prices, you will see that units are affordable to rent while, if you think you might run at least a couple of events, buying is likely to work out better value.

You can also see an image gallery, this including examples of customised backpacks when the organisers have wanted to make a real impact.

There is also a page full of FAQs, this tackling questions such as whether the packs are easy to use (they are), how much they hold (up to nine litres) and whether they are comfortable for the operatives – yes, in part because we limit the capacity to nine litres, anything larger having the potential to become uncomfortable if worn for an extended duration.

Please have a look round this site and also check out our impartial reviews.

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