Keg Backpack – Customisable, Rent Or Buy

Are you looking for a keg backpack for your event? 

At Jetpacks, we are the leading UK supplier of backpacks for beer and other beverages, with our products available for sale globally and to hire within the UK.

Whether you rent or buy, all our keg backpacks can be easily customised with branding of your choice, alternatively we can work with you to come up with a bespoke design to tie in with your event.

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please call us on 01625 262148 or fill out our contact form.

Keg Backpacks – Suitable For Every Occasion

Whether it is a sport match, a village or sport fair, a concert an exhibition or any other event, Jetpack’s dispensers have the versatility to make serving drinks – and potentially bringing in valuable revenue for the event – that bit easier. keg backpack

There are also advantages for patrons who, rather than having to make trips to a bar area, simply get served where they are. 

Patrons get convenience, they can be served without missing any action, having to walk to a bar, or queue while the event organisers benefit from extra sales – buying a drink becomes an easy decision rather than a tiresome chore.

The keg backpacks keep drinks at a constant temperature for three hours and work equally well for cold and hot drinks.

The drink dispensers can hold up to nine litres, this limiting the backpack to a maximum of 15kg (they weigh 6kg when empty). 

We used to make an 11 litre backpack, however feedback from those wearing these larger packs was that they could become slightly uncomfortable despite the padding, the 9 litre size therefore a perfect compromise. This size still carries a large volume of liquid but without being uncomfortable for people who might be wearing them for a number of hours.

Of course, you would hope to sell more than nine litres of a drink, especially a cold drink such as beer. The keg is easy to refill, we have videos on the site and provide full instructions to anyone hiring or buying units.

Keg Backpacks – Parts Of A Range Of Products

With other products also available, it is possible to offer a range of drinks at your event. 

As an example, using two Jetpacks would enable you to perhaps sell hot and cold drinks – one serving coffee, the other beer. These could then be augmented by a Canpack which, as the name suggests, can hold numerous cans, bottles and similar, perhaps water, lemonade cans and Fruit Shoots and a range of snacks.

Branding images can be inserted into the transparent pouches, this could be branding for your event, the drink on offer or even for an event sponsor.

Bespoke designs are also possible, please have a look at the gallery for inspiration.

If you have any queries, please check out our FAQs page.

To discuss your requirements please give us a call on 01625 262148 or leave a message.