A juice backpack at your event can be beneficial both to organisers and patrons.

Jetpacks are the UK’s leading supplier of drink backpacks, with the dispensers available for hire and sale in the UK and also global sale. All the dispensers can be customised and unique designs are even possible.

We have huge experience in providing backpacks for a huge range of events, this including juice dispensers all around the UK and beyond.juice backpack from Jetpacks

Anyone looking for a juice backpack should consider our Jetpack product. This is a backpack dispenser that can be used for a huge range of drinks, juice among them. The pack maintains the drink’s temperature for many hours, whether that is a cool drink or a drink such as tea or coffee.

The packs are easy to operate and refill, with full instructions given and also how-to videos available on this site.

Our packs are also comfortable to wear, the nine lite backpack weighs 15kg when full, our research finding this is the perfect balance whereby a pack carries a high volume of liquid yet remains comfortable to wear for the operator who might be serving drinks for a number of hours.

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Juice Backpack – The Benefits

We said that a juice backpack can be beneficial to both organisers and patrons, why is this so?

For patrons, any dink dispenser means convenience. At most events there will be at most a couple of places where it is possible to get drinks, there will be an inevitable walk to go and get a drink, and then a queue.

The thought of this admittedly minor inconvenience will be enough to stop a lot of people from going to get a drink – their need for refreshment isn’t that great…

With people circulating with drink backpacks, potentially including a juice backpack, the decision to buy drinks becomes an easy one. Someone walks up to you asking if you want a drink, they have the drink right there, there’s no queue. It’s a much simpler decision.

A juice backpack can also work well in conjunction with other options, it will depend on the event of course, but beer backpacks are popular, so too coffee and lemonade – by having a few options you have groups catered for.

At a family event such as a school fair, the perfect combination might be a juice backpack and also a coffee backpack.

Can packs are available too – as the name suggests, these can hold a large number of cans, bottles and other packs meaning that there is even greater variety of drinks circulating.

For event organisers, making it more convenient to buy drinks will lead to increased drink sales. This is likely to cover the cost of the hire of the pack – or purchase if the Jetpack is going to be used for a number of functions.

Customisable Juice Backpacks

The packs are also a bit of a talking point and a factor that helps create a positive buzz to the event, increasing the likelihood of return visits in following years.

And some event organisers also chose to seek a sponsor for the juice and drink backpacks.

As the packs are customisable, it is possible to have clear marketing images on display through the transparent pouches. This could be an image to show the drink being dispensed, it could be an image and wording relevant to your event, or it could be handed over to a local sponsor in return for the covering the cost of the pack.

If a truly bespoke design is required we can work with you to create the perfect dispenser – for inspiration head over to our picture gallery to see previous examples.

At Jetpacks, we are also completely transparent with our pricing, you can see our full current price list here – as you can see, hiring a juice backpack is very affordable but for those who expect to make repeated use of any pack it is likely to be more economical to buy rather than repeatedly hiring.

A lot of common questions are covered in our FAQs section.

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