Jetpack And Serving Pouch Combination

By 27th March 2004November 28th, 2015Europe, Hire, Jetpack, Serving Pouch

Just as well this operator had his colour-coordinated umbrella as it turned out to be a wet day on these streets.  Luckily for these shoppers a hot drink was on hand thanks to the Jetpack.  Our operator used the insulated serving pouch to store Canderel, the low-calorie sweetener, so that it was readily available to add to the drinks.  The serving pouch clips on to the front of all our products and has a removable liner, two large pockets on either side and a zipped compartment for storing money.   The additional storage for milk, stirrers, etc. allows the operator to serve more customers each trip.  The serving pouch is lightweight, strong and very versatile and can also be used on its own for hot and cold foods.