If you are looking for hot chocolate backpacks for your event please consider Jetpacks – we are the leading UK supplier of drink backpacks, we ship globally and our units can also be hired (UK only).

Our backpacks have a generous capacity, holding up to nine litres of hot chocolate, or any other hot or cold drink for that matter.

They are also comfortable to wear, easy to refill and they can be customised to carry branding, whether that is the drink being distributed, branding for the event or maybe even the branding of a sponsor who gets space in return for paying for the drink unit.

Anyone looking to buy can also have unique backpacks made, perhaps in a different shape, something a bit different from the standard backpack.

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Why Use A Hot Chocolate Backpack?

Our backpacks are perfect for any event where people want refreshments, hot chocolate backpacks of course come into their own during the colder months.hot chocolate backpack

To use a recent example, we went to the local fireworks display, a superb night with many hundreds of families enjoying both the show and the other attractions such as rides, tombola stalls and, of course, catering trucks.

The only place to buy drinks was from one truck, which was also serving food, the queue was lengthy and it is safe to assume that many people who might have wanted a drink simply couldn’t be bothered to queue.

Had there been people circulating with backpack dispensers for hot chocolate, perhaps as well as coffee, far more drinks would have been sold. From a customer’s point of the view, the decision changes from ‘do I want to walk over there, queue (perhaps with the kids) just to get a drink’ to ‘this person right by me is selling drinks, there is no queue, do I want a hot chocolate for me and the kids?’…

The backpack drink dispensers can make the event better for those in attendance and also help raise more valuable funds.

As we mentioned, the backpacks can also be customised, a local business could have had their branding on the backpacks in return for paying for their hire or purchase.

Custom designs can also be accommodated when units are bought, for inspiration and to see how we have worked with events in the past, please check out our gallery page. 

The Jetpacks can also work superbly as part of a range of drink options, for example as well as Jetpacks serving hot drinks (or beer for a summer event…) an event could also use CanPacks. As the name suggests, these hold cans, bottles and other items and so could carry soft drinks such as lemonade and Fruit Shoots, meaning that there is a good range of drinks on offer.

We can also provide serving pouches and even trikes for larger events, these are sizeable units that can carry a huge range of drinks and snacks.

All About Hot Chocolate Backpacks

At Jetpacks, we are completely open with our pricing – there are prices both for purchase and hire. If you plan on making regular use of any packs then purchasing can work out a great option, obviously renting is good when you know an event is a one-off.

We cover other common questions in our FAQs page – the packs are easy to fill, refill and dispense from and there is a video to show you the process. We also send out packs with full documentation on how to use and are more than happy to answer any queries you may have. 

If you have any queries or want to place an order please contact us today.

Get in touch by calling us on 01625 262148 or using our Contact Form.