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Can I hire your products, or do I have to buy them?

All our products are available to buy or to hire (in the UK only) at a very competitive rate. Have a look at our current price list and see which option is most suitable for your needs.

Are the products easy to use?

Yes, very easy, and each piece of equipment is sent out with full operating instructions including how to clean and sterilise the product after use. We would ask that you familiarise yourself with this leaflet before using any Jetpacks product.

Is there somewhere on your products where we can advertise our own brand?

Absolutely – any one of the Jetpacks range is a great way of promoting your products as the branding simply slots into a transparent area which comes with all our units. If you wish to dispense another product at a later date, you would simply take out the old branding and replace it with the branding of the new product.

I want to sell coffee from the Jetpack, do you keep the coffee in stock?

In short, no.  The Jetpack can serve such a wide variety of drinks and customers require different products and brands.  For example, one customer may want to sell Nescafe Alta Rica whilst another may require Carte Noir.  If you know the product you want to sell or sample, we can always let you have a quote to provide this for you.

Do you keep the cups in stock?

Once again, different customers require different cups and so we do not keep these in stock.  However, if you know the type of cup you need and the quantities involved, we can happily supply you with a quote.

Can the products be customised?

Yes, absolutely.  Jetpacks have been modified in a variety of different ways since we’ve been trading and these always provide eye catching results. Visit the Gallery to see the head-turning potential for your modifications.

What happens if I buy a product and then have a question about how it works?

We provide an excellent after sales service and have a number of technicians who can explain any issues you may have, quite often just in a phone call.

How heavy is the Jetpack?

The Jetpack weight 7.5kgs when empty and for every one litre of liquid that you fill the beverage tank with, it increases the weight by 1kg. For example, if you were to fill the beverage tank with four litres of coffee the overall weight of the pack will be 11.5kgs, which gets lighter every time it’s dispensed.

How do I use a drinks dispenser?

We have created a step by step video explaining how to use a Jetpacks Drinks Dispenser.
To view the tutorial video click here.

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