At Jetpacks, we are a leading provider of backpack drink dispensers, with a full range of drinks dispensers available to hire or purchase.

Our sole focus is on providing products which are perfect for any type of event or function, our dispensers helping to make events that bit more enjoyable for guests, but also potentially leading to increased profits for the hosts.

The drinks dispensers are available for purchase globally, additionally they can also be hired within the UK.

Drinks Dispensers – Range of Products

What, though, does our range consist of?

We have portable drink dispensers. These can be used for hot or cold drinks – beer and coffee being among many common uses.

Our backpack dispenser, named the Jetpack, is a hugely popular product – whether they are being used to dispense beer at gigs, soup at a large fireworks display, coffee at a school fair or chilled drinks at a junior sports tournament.

As with all our products, there is a dedicated page providing further details, which you can find here.

We are also completely transparent with all our prices, to see how much any product costs to hire or buy, please had off this way. 

If you would like to discuss your requirements, please call us today on 01625262148.

Often used in conjunction with the jetpack is our backpacks can dispenser, the Canpack.

The Canpack, unsurprisingly, is a backpack can and bottle dispenser; it can keep up to 40 bottles or cans chilled and ready for serving.drinks dispensers

Using the Canpack and Jetpack together can work well, for example, the Jetpack could dispense beer, the CanPack a range of soft drinks, or the Jetpack could be used for coffee, the Canpack for a range of bottles and cans – potentially some alcoholic, some not.

For further information on the Canpack, please follow this link.

A larger drinks dispenser is the Trike. The Trike is a sizeable, but also mobile unit that can hold a huge quantity and range of drinks. What works best for any event will vary – for some it is a mix of Jetpacks and Canpacks, for other a trike might be the perfect option.

If you need any help deciding, or even thinking about what might work best, please do get in touch. We have a huge amount of experience in providing drinks dispensers for a huge variety of events, of different sizes in different venues.

To discuss the trikes and its uses, please call us on use our Contact page. 

We also have supplementary products – a shots and flashpack, customers use this for shots, but also items such as suncream lotion, sauces, wine and more.

Our full range of products, complete with images and suggested uses can be seen here.

Customisable Drinks Dispensers

Our dispensers are customisable, even if you are simply hiring them for a day.

The Jetpack or Canpack, for example, have a transparent sleeve, into which can be inserted marketing material – this could be about your event, or it could be the logo of the drink being dispensed. You could even allow someone to sponsor the space, the money received from a bit of advertising on the drinks dispenser potentially paying for the hire.

A lot more can be done when purchasing a unit – we have helped design packs that truly stand out and are a talking point at the event.

The best way to get a sense of what is possible is by looking at our gallery.

At Jetacks, we are proud of our reputation, reviews and testimonials. You can see a range of testimonials by heading here, while our rating on Facebook is an unblemished 5 stars.

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We wish you every success with the events you have planned and if you are looking for portable drinks dispensers please do get in touch on 01625 262148.