The Canpack is an insulated backpack cans dispenser, carrying up to 40 500ml PET bottles or 330ml cans.  Not exclusive to carrying just bottles and cans, the Canpack drinks dispensers are versatile in design and been successfully used to serve snacks such as crisps and hot dogs in cylinder shaped packaging.

Canpack Drinks Dispensers

The Canpack dispenses Cold Bottles, Cold Cans, Packaged Hot Dogs,
Cylindrical Crisps, Biscuits, Chocolate Bars And More.

  • A backpack cans dispenser carries up to 40 bottles or cans
  • Insulated to keep drinks cold for up to two hours
  • Internal lightweight removable cartridge to facilitate easy dispense of cans or bottles
  • Comfortable lightweight aluminium frame for operator back support
  • Fully adjustable padded hip and shoulder straps
  • Optional cup dispensers can be fitted either side to the backpack cans dispenser
  • Clips on shoulder straps for optional forward-facing Serving Pouch
  • 60cm x 44cm landscape space for branding