Backpack Beer Dispenser – Beer Backpacks – Rent or Buy Today!

Are you thinking about using a backpack beer dispenser to add more revenue or brand awareness at an event or function?

On this page we will give you information on the benefits of backpack beer dispensers, what else the backpacks can be used for and a few technical details, important stuff like just how much beer they can hold.

If you know already that you want to either rent – UK only –  or buy a backpack beer dispenser then call today on 01625 262148 or mail us at

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Why Jetpacks as your Beer Backpack Supplier?

backpack beer dispenserWhy choose Jetpacks? We are the UK’s leading supplier of mobile drink dispensers, while we also have huge experience of delivering our products to worldwide clients in more than 50 countries.

If you have ever seen a beer backpack used at an event – in the UK or abroad – there is a likelihood it was one of ours.

We believe a backpack beer dispenser is perfect for any event where there are people who would love a drink – if only they could be bothered to go and get one.

Beer backpacks – Suitable for (Almost) Every Event

It might be a sports event, or a concert, or a county show.

You might tend to associate a backpack beer dispenser with a fairly large event but they can also be beneficial for local clubs and relatively small groups and of course internal events.

To give an example, we were at a local cricket match the other evening with dozens of proud parents watching their children. It was an evening crying out for a nice cold beer but there was one problem – there was only one person serving at the bar, the queue was out the door, people just gave up queuing after a while.

Had they had someone with a beer backpack, more people would have been served, the club would have raised more money and spectators would not have wasted a tortuous 30 minutes queuing for a drink.

Backpack Hire – UK only

For a smaller gathering like this, or for anyone who will only need beer backpacks occasionally, then renting can prove to be the best option.

Please note that you can only rent our beer backpacks in the UK. Hiring of course also makes sense for anyone wanting to try out backpack beer dispensers, to see how much revenue they generate and assess the feedback from patrons at the event.

One of the great advantages of our products is that they can be customised regardless of whether you are hiring or buying. The beer dispensers have a transparent panel into which you place your marketing image or logo for the drink being dispensed.

If you need something a bit more bespoke, we can create that too – creating a backpack that is fully branded to your specification. To get some inspiration, have a look at our gallery.

Beer Capacity

One question you might be wondering is what the capacity of the backpacks is.

Our backpack beer keg holders can hold up to 9 litres, we used to make an 11-litre version but withdrew this as the overall weight (17kg when full, the pack weighing 6kg when empty) was slightly too much for some people.

We take our responsibilities seriously as beer backpack manufacturers and only want to produce beer packs that are comfortable to wear – after all, the operator might be working on a hot day amidst crowds. Given the backpacks are quick to refill, a 9-litre capacity is perfect for servicing a reasonably sizeable crowd while major events of course use multiple backpacks.

If you have any other queries, please do give us a call on 01625 262148 or check out our FAQs page..

You might also be interested in seeing our full range of products, for example did you know you can get a can dispenser – you could serve ice-cold cans of beers, in some circumstances this might be an even easier solution than the backpack beer dispenser (or the two can be great in unison – a beer on tap and then a wider range of drinks as cans).

Our full range can be viewed here.

We hope to hear from you soon to discuss your needs. Whether or not you do choose to use a Jetpack beer dispenser, we wish you the best of luck with your event.